In the Woods

Directed by Kalim Armstrong

In the Woods tells the story of a community living in a homeless camp on the outskirts of Lakewood, NJ fighting a lawsuit against eviction. Some residents lost their jobs due to economic hardships while others prefer a life lived on the fringe of mainstream society. Others have chronic additions or felony convictions that prevent them from receiving social services. Production for In the Woods began in 2009 after receiving a grant from the Princess Grace Foundation. For two years the story of the unofficial leader of Tent City, Reverend Steve Brigham, and a diverse group of the camps residents lives were documented. The project continues until a resolution is reached and the residents of the camp are able to find affordable housing or land that they are legally allowed to camp. In the Woods tells the story of a community brought together through a shared search for a place to call home while living in poverty in America. More information about the film and how to get involved with supporting the residents of Tent City can be found at